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The importance of a white shirt

white-shirt05. white-shirt08. white-shirt.. white-shirt03.

White is the new black right? I wear more white than black on a daily basis, what about you? I find it is actually super hard to find the perfect white shirt, you know not the cheap one the one you are gonna wear for work, out with denims or as a popover on top of a dress. I have tried about a billion of those white shirts and it is ‘nearly impossible’ to find the right the one … (just telling you that this post isn’t to tell you where to find THE perfect because you know what? I still haven’t found it and this is a cry for help hahah)

The ones I have tried in the past have been too thin, too tick, flimsy buttons, blousy fits or the fabric was just terrible in general, yep 25 years later who knew it was so hard to find a damn white shirt … Even though we all have been wearing them for what seems like a million years. Can we talk about boyfriends’ shirts? like real boyfriends, like the one I am wearing in the photos … my husband’s and believe it or not it’s so comfy and fits like a glove! I love wearing his tucked in my skinny denims, conclusion men’s shirts are the best let’s be honest Don Draper in Mad Men knows how to wear his!

A white shirt is pretty simple and basic you may say but they are such a staple in a women’s wardrobe, I love stepping into a great clean white shirt, it’s the same felling as getting into crisp, fresh sheets at night.

I have attached a few of my favourite whit shirts that you find at different price range hope you like and if you have a wonderful white shirt in your closet and wanna share where you got it feel free to comment!!

xo S.