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Sun kissed


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Happy Monday, no just kidding we all hate monday. I am catching up on writing a few posts that I have lined up for you this week, I am not feeling too well today so I am spending the day writing posts and chilling with the window open and the sun shining through! It’s officially spring, it’s been chilly this weekend but this week looks fabulous and have you heard apparently England is going to have a hot hot summer (well 28 is hardly a heat wave for me but hey)

We shot this in the Caribbean back in February (after my slight recover from the flue) I love a site one piece swim suit, I find it quite feminine and the white is even better on a tanned skin, I am so in love with this place out there the pool, the views, the calm. My in laws had the intension on selling the house and I am actually so glad they have decided against it. I love to be able to go out there even if it takes 24 hours (laughing in my head) It’s nice to know we have a gateway or a pied a terre as we say in French.

I am looking forward to our vacay next month in the sun, I look forward to eating and swimming oh and trying to fit a bit of book reading between discovering and taking pictures. I look forward to sharing my pool side and beach styles with you next month stay tuned for some fun looks coming right up!


Asos swimsuit