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I discovered a brand called Velvet by Graham and Spencer a little while ago and fell completely in love with their timeless pieces and the style. Easy neutrals are a clear choice for me on a daily basis, I love pops on colours but a bit of neutral never hurts anyone. I have shared a few looks already here and on Instagram so you might already know more about the brand but I wanted to share some more.

Those denims are perfect, I was looking for a nude one that wasn’t too white and they are super comfy to wear! The black fringe jumper/cape is so cute and perfect for cold days like this week. The weather has turned super freezing and even if I am not too happy about it, it also means Christmas is coming!

Make sure you check Velvet‘s website for some new goodies for you or any Christmas gifts.

They have a beautiful store that recently opened in London make sure you also pop by.

Jumper and Jeans: Velvet ℅, Boots: Palladium ℅

Find my favourites and more underneath!