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The art of gifting

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Today as the calendar shows December 24th I am sharing with you a little something sweet … The art of gifting I like to call it … It’s the moment of the year to treat your loved ones, to give them presents you handpicked yourself, it may be small little things that mean a lot or it could be big things like a kid’s car or even a trip somewhere. Whatever it may be the most important is always the intention of giving and gifting and not the product itself am I right?

I have partnered today with Kipling a trusted brand I have been working with for a long time now and that really means a lot to me, they have functional bags and pouches we have a great selection at home now and they would make the perfect gift for a teenager who needs a new cool backpack or for a mum on the go or even for grand parents and parents as a travel bag.

I am sharing with you today my little rose gold pouch that holds all my makeup and bits and bobs that I may toss in there for the sake of it, it is functional and also super cute! It has a little mirror in it too which is super handy to have (especially if during Christmas you find yourself with chocolate in your teeth).

I hope you all gift something to your loved ones this season and that you also receive some lovely presents that mean a lot to you and that you will cherish! Gifting is not just about presents and money but it can also mean a lot more to some people in need, I have done a full bag of Liam’s old clothes, mine and also toys we do not use to give to charity for Children that may not receive anything this year or parents that need more clothes and also some money to give food to those in need.

Remember the art of gifting is much more than material products! Have a wonderful Christmas

Brought to you by Kipling but all opinions remain my own